What Amandine Traest, coach for the City’ZEN Challenge, says about her experience



It was a very rewarding experience to advise and accompany such talented students in the development of their project. The feeling between us was obvious and allowed us to work together for several months with respect, kindness and productivity.

My team and I were in regular contact. We had bi-monthly video meetings to follow the progress of their project. We worked in phases. After a general assessment of their work, I gave them my opinion on the progress of the project, I advised them and didn’t hesitate to challenge them on different subjects.

I also shared my knowledge as Product Manager to help them move forward. Sometimes, the team would send me an email with a few specific questions and I would always answer them as quickly as I could so as not to waste too much time.
Their creativity, motivation and ambition were essential for the success of their project. They impressed me throughout the competition and also taught me a lot of things.

It was a very rewarding relationship of trust for both sides. I have great admiration for their commitment to this competition, their rigor in their work and their desire to surpass themselves. It was a great adventure!

The interviewee

Amandine Traest

Product manager
Berger-Levrault France

The coach’s participation

My role was to accompany, support, inform and advise my team throughout the competition which lasted several months. We quickly created a relationship of trust that allowed us to move forward efficiently and with goodwill on his project.