What Tugba Uygur, coach for the City’ZEN Challenge, says about her experience



It is very rewarding to accompany talented students who have a great idea to defend and to be able to give them the means to do so. Putting the spotlight on an innovative project is always a great experience.

My team had a perfect idea where I really believe in and see the high potential of the project. Sometiemes, I challenged the students to think out of the box and to look foward information they may not have learnt at school yet.
They were in an engineering career, so my role was also to give them some advices on business principles.

How they would integrate their solution with the different activities of Berger-Levrault? Every week we had a meeting of 30min-1hr , we had this important weekly update meetings on the progress of the project, the deliveries goals they had to work on. Sometimes the students had questions to ask me or needed special advice on certain details about Berger-Levrault. So I would get the information and communicate it to them the following week.

My role was also to enlighten them on certain subjects that they had not yet mastered in order to allow them to progress correctly in the development of their solution.

All these moments of exchange were very interesting and enriching for both sides. I will repeat the experience with pleasure next year with another team.

The interviewee

Tugba Uygur

Business Development Officer
Berger-Levrault France

The coach’s participation

From start to finish, Berger-Levrault provides each team professional and customized coaching services designed to help incubate and crystallize their project and prepare them for the final jury. By providing guidance, orientation, advice, insights and strategy,the internal coach helps to engender incubation and optimize success.