What Team “Connect” says about their experience


Thomas, Nathan, Mathieu and Amélia share their experience and journey on the City’ZEN Challenge competition.

The 1st prize of Edition 4: CONNECT


We wanted to concretize a project we had been thinking about for a long time and develop a prototype. This teamwork was extraordinary and allowed us to surpass ourselves and present something that was beyond our expectations.

We had an incredible adventure. The City’ZEN Challenge is a very good training to prepare us for professional life.
We worked hard to achieve this result and we are proud of the work we accomplished. We are happy to make this experience with a dynamic, serious and highly motivated team.

We didn’t give up anything and created a very strong team spirit. We were very well accompanied by our coach Berger-Levrault, Jordi, who was THE right person to accompany us in the different stages of the development of our solution. He guided and helped us in our reflection, was always there when we encountered difficulties and taught us a lot.

Presenting our prototype to a jury from a company like Berger-Levrault is a big advantage of this contest. It allows us to go even further and start serious discussions for future collaboration.

The City’ZEN Challenge is much more than just a competition, it is a real opportunity to show your know-how, to increase your competences and the possibility to integrate afterwards a great company for an internship or a first job.

Testimonial of the team "Connect" in City'ZEN Challenge Edition 4
Nathan Casabieille and Thomas Samson talk about their experience in their participation in the City’ZEN Challenge.

The team

Thomas Samson
Nathan Casabieille
Mathieu Bertrandy
Amélia Halouane

Connect – Winner of Edition 4
EPITECH Barcelona

The project Connect

This project is a digital platform that centralizes and analyzes data streams and aggregates key performance metrics in order to provide a simple but multi-functional and real-time ‘smart-city’ dashboard to municipal leaders. This tool enables them to better define their needs, reduce costs and optimize essential city and citizen services.