What Lionel Ramos, Pedagogic Director at Epitech Barcelona says about his experience



This challenge is a real chance for our students. It gives them the opportunity to realize an innovative idea, to set foot in the professional world, to learn alongside a competent and caring coach, to surpass themselves to reach new goals.

No matter the age, no matter the skills, you need a good idea, THE good idea.
And this has been the case with my students, of whom I am very proud.
They are 18 years old, believed in their project, faced the difficulties and overcame their doubts to achieve this superb result.

In our school, the profiles are very varied. We have project managers, future architects and business leaders, but also developers. But a developer who does not know how to present and summarize his project is what I call a “dead” developer.

This competition is a great opportunity to learn to surpass oneself, overcome one’s weaknesses and believe in oneself.

The interviewee

Lionel Ramos

Pedagogic Director
Epitech Barcelona

Our partnership with Epitech Barcelona

Since 2019, Epitech Barcelona has joined our school network as partner. The school has agreed to join the adventure motivated by the innovation’s policy and the team support of the City’ZEN Challenge.