What Team “App’Health” says about their experience


Emma, Mégane, Sophie, Hugo and Valentine share their experience and journey on the City’ZEN Challenge competition.

The 1st prize of the 3rd edition: APP’HEALTH


It was a very rewarding experience that allowed us to create a short-lived start-up for several months to design, develop and imagine how to sell our solution. We were very well advised throughout the competition by our super coach Berger-Levrault. Participating in such a challenge opens many doors in the future. We are very proud to have won this edition.

Working as a team for 6 months on a project that was very close to our hearts was a great experience.
Creating an application to facilitate the work of first-aid workers by prioritizing the most urgent calls seemed obvious and above all very useful to us. So we were able to take the time to think, design and develop this project that we had imagined and dreamed of all 5 of us.

Fortunately, we were not alone! We had a great coach to support us in this adventure. Jean-Yves Bloyet, a nurse trainer at Berger-Levrault, was able to provide us with precise information about the regulations to be respected and to share his experience and knowledge of the medical administrative world. His advice was invaluable and helped us make great progress.

We worked seriously and hard to achieve this result, and we are very proud today to have won this competition.
We didn’t think we would receive such a large amount of money as a reward, it’s unbelievable.
We were also offered an internship at Berger-Levrault, and to continue to support the development of our solution with a dedicated team.
This challenge is also a real professional opportunity for the future.

The team

Emma Desdet
Mégane Orcel
Sophie Reman
Hugo Viel
Valentine de Villemandy

App’Health – Winner of Edition 3
ECE Paris

The project App’Health

App’Health was designed to make the work of emergency response services easier by prioritizing the most urgent calls and improving patient care through a personalized application. To achieve these objectives, this project takes the form of two interdependent interfaces: the first, in the form of a mobile application, is intended for general public users (or patients) while the second is in the form a software package intended for ARMs and medical regulators for emergency call centers.