What Team “Smart Bill” says about their experience


Paul, Thibaut, Lisa, Jean-Alix and Léa share their experience and journey on the City’ZEN Challenge competition.

Winner of the 2nd prize of the 3rd edition: SMART BILL


A very rewarding competition that showcases the innovative ideas of young students and gives them the means to develop real prototypes and exceed their goals. A great opportunity to get a foot in the door!

In today’s society where the environment is a priority, we came up with the idea of dematerializing sales receipts on smartphones. We have been thinking for a long time about developing an innovative application, unique on the market, which would reduce the impact on the environment and at the same time create added value for retailers with valuable data and statistics for their business.

More generally, taking part in this competition taught us a lot about project development, it encouraged us to ask ourselves the right questions and to constantly question ourselves.
Indeed, we went beyond our own limits, discovering how to think, build and sell ideas.
All the skills we have acquired during the preparation of this challenge will allow us to improve on our future projects. It was a very formative experience.

The unfailing presence of our coach was also very useful in the different stages of our project.
The support of our school was remarkable, they always believed in our idea.
This is why we would like to thank all the people who helped us, advised us and above all gave us the chance to participate in this very nice project.

The team

Paul Dos Santos
Thibaut Fiastre
Lisa Pawels
Jean-Alix Poylo
Léa Youssef

Smart Bill – Winner of the Edition 3
ESILV, Leonard de Vinci

The project Smart Bill

SmartBill is an intelligent application that dematerializes and centralizes your receipts on your smartphone. Thanks to a data analysis of these tickets and therefore a better understanding of the behavior of merchant customers, the objective of SmartBill is to digitize the tools of physical stores in order to make them more competitive against the giants of e-commerce.