Edition 2: The smart-city competition | 2017-2018

The ‘Shazam of monuments’, CulturePic’s innovative mobile app wins the top prize. In 2nd place is PaySmart’s peer-to-peer budget managerment solution for revitalizing local commerce. And in 3rd place is Medn’Go’s digital prescription platform.

The Champions

1st PRIZE: Culture Pic | ECE Paris

1st Prize of the City'ZEN Challenge by Berger-Levrault

The ‘Shazam of monuments’, Culture Pic is a mobile application that allows users to identify a monument and provide information about it with a simple photo. This application therefore proposes to help tourists in their visits by providing them with relevant information on what they see. Culture Pic thus enables tourists to be completely autonomous wherever they go.

2nd PRIZE: PaySmart | ECE Paris

2nd Prize of the City'ZEN Challenge by Berger-Levrault

The aim of the PaySmart Project is to develop an Android mobile payment application to help enable and manager peer-to-peer budgets and fund allocations. This application also allows data to be analyzed and aggregated through the study of the financial transactions of its users.

3rd PRIZE: Med’n’go | ECE Paris

3rd Prize of the City'ZEN Challenge by Berger-Levrault

Med’n’go is a platform that supports the dematerialization of medical prescriptions by offering a simple tool in a secure environment. It allows the pre-order of drugs in pharmacies, help with treatment monitoring, and the centralization of patient medical information.

The non-laureates

Pic’n Found | ECE Paris

Pic’n Found is a web application that simplifies the lost-and-found objects process as much as possible in order to encourage the spirit of citizenship. Indeed, Pic’n Found provides added value compared to current solutions by reducing the number of operations to be carried out for those seeking to find their object.

I-Com | ECE Paris

I-Com is a DOOH (Digital out of Home) solution allowing small businesses to finally gain a foothold in the vast world of advertising. How? By showing their advertisements on LCD screens placed on the roofs of taxis. It is thus an interactive and GPS based solution encouraging small local businesses to make their own advertising thus allowing them to finally compete effectively with companies that monopolize the market.

CourtAdvisor | ECE Paris

CourtAdvisor is a community mobile app for Street Basketball. Thanks to our solution, users are able to see, find and add events, current or upcoming, near their location, which they can attend. They will have the option to add friends and see if they are currently participating in an activity or planning to go to an upcoming event. Our application has a community aspect where users can create teams or groups, organize private events or challenge other teams.

How to apply

You have your own project-idea.

In Track 1, student-teams propose and develop their own project-ideas.

The call for project-ideas for Track 1 is from 18 October to 29 November 2021.

You don’t have your own project-idea.

In Track 2, student-teams develop the project-ideas proposed by staff and clients of Berger-Levrault.

The call for applications for Track 2 is from 18 October to 29 November 2021.