Edition 3: The inter-school competition | 2018-2019

ECE Paris claims victory thanks to App’Health’s digital prescription solution in 1st and Dischoolvery’s 3rd place peer-to-peer student platform. Smart-Bill, a digital receipt solution, takes 2nd place marking an important first win for ESILV.

The Champions

1st PRIZE: App’Health | ECE Paris

Logo of the student-team App'Health

App’Health is designed to make the work of emergency response services easier by prioritizing the most urgent calls and improving patient care through a personalized application. To achieve these objectives, this project takes the form of two interdependent interfaces: the first, in the form of a mobile application, is intended for general public users (or “patients”) while the second is in the form a software package intended for ARMs and medical regulators (more generally for emergency call centers).

2nd PRIZE: SmartBill | ESILV

Logo of the student-team SmartBill

SmartBill is an intelligent application that dematerializes and centralizes your receipts on your smartphone. Thanks to a data analysis of these tickets and therefore a better understanding of the behavior of merchant customers, the objective of SmartBill is to digitize the tools of physical stores in order to make them more competitive against the giants of e-commerce.

3rd PRIZE: Dischoolvery | ECE Paris

Logo of the student-team Dischoolvery

Dischoolvery is a web platform dedicated to helping high school students find the optimal choice in terms of higher education. Our platform will host a multitude of university students who will answer their questions about their studies, their daily life in their school, etc. Following this exchange, the high school student could go spend a day at the school of the student with whom she/he exchanged. A kind of “live my life”, which would help her/him to apprehend the higher studies and to know if this school could correspond to her/him.

The non-laureates

Recy’Drive | ESILV

Recy’drive sets up a collection system for small recyclable items, as close as possible to the citizen in order to make recycling more accessible. Our smart recycle bins will be installed directly in the apartment buildings of our partners. Like home delivery companies, Recy’Drive picks up your used products to give them a second life.

Tourismaping | ESILV

Tourismaping is an application that optimizes the management of tourist flows via the analysis of waiting times in real time.
In all the big cities we notice that the major centers of interest are much more frequented at certain times. Optimizing tourist flows would reduce this trend and at the same time better distribute tourists, thus providing a better experience for visitors and increased numbers for points of interest.
The user chooses all the monuments or points of interest he or she wishes to visit as well as the dates. The application then organizes the itineraries for the day or days of travel according to the waiting times recorded in the database.

Hana | ECE Paris

Hana is a solution to the memory loss problems of people with Alzheimer’s disease in its early stages and therefore victims of forgetfulness and slight loss of bearings. This consists of a connected bracelet for the user and an application for caregivers (relatives, home help, doctors, etc.). Our solution is intended to be really easy to use, comfortable and easily adopted by our beneficiaries. Our users would therefore have a real system that will be a sort of personal assistant able to help them when they are alone.

MaCity | ESILV

MaCity is a smartphone application that allows users to report a degradation or an incident in a few seconds via the simple transfer of a photo from a smartphone to a public administration. Even more, it encourages citizen solidarity and movements by allowing residents to organize CleanWalks or other collective events in order to improve the condition of their city and to create links between citizens.

How to apply

You have your own project-idea.

In Track 1, student-teams propose and develop their own project-ideas.

The call for project-ideas for Track 1 is from 18 October to 29 November 2021.

You don’t have your own project-idea.

In Track 2, student-teams develop the project-ideas proposed by staff and clients of Berger-Levrault.

The call for applications for Track 2 is from 18 October to 29 November 2021.