Edition 1: The City’ZEN Challenge begins | 2016-2017

ECE Paris provides our first ever champions. Taking the top prize is Bump’s connected badge which stores personal medical data. PiPle’s tree-design messaging app takes 2nd while 3rd goes to Save+’s prioritizing alert solution for emergency response.

The Champions

1st PRIZE: Bump | ECE Paris

1st Prize of the City'ZEN Challenge by Berger-Levrault

Bump is a smartphone application that enables physicians to quickly and securely access a patient’s health data (blood group, allergies, treatments, exams) under all circumstances, even when the patient is unconscious. The patient just needs to carry a small badge that gives access to their shared medical file. The doctor or first responder, meanwhile, uses an RFID receiver that can capture and display medical data in an optimized way. Saving precious time that can save lives…

2nd PRIZE: PiPle | ECE Paris

2nd Prize of the City'ZEN Challenge by Berger-Levrault

PiPle reimagines messaging to help you manage your team’s communication smartly. Easily navigate through topics and ideas via our innovative, branch-modeled architecture. Identify the messages you care about at a glance. Have personalized conversations for your own interests and concerns. In short, enjoy a truly efficient messaging platform.

3rd PRIZE: Save + | ECE Paris

3rd Prize of the City'ZEN Challenge by Berger-Levrault

Save + is an application that allows, by prioritizing alerts, to bring help to anyone in an urgent medical situation. Unlike existing applications, it allows direct communication with emergency response services via a questionnaire, then by telephone. In addition, users receive information, both medical advice and emergency protocols, and are not helpless while waiting for help to arrive. This application therefore presents a real societal value.

The non-laureates


Currently, going to a public administration office is an arduous chore. The waiting time, the lack of clarity about the necessary documents and the orientation within the structure make it rather unattractive.
Thanks to our application, the customer experience is completely redesigned. Citizens save time and are therefore less unhappy. Administrations save money, thanks to the analysis of the attendance and the processing times of the various services. Customer waiting time is therefore optimized and the experience is completely renewed. The link between the administration and the citizen is strengthened and simplified

SmartSky | ECE Paris

Today, planet Earth faces many environmental problems resulting from past as well as present human activities – notably, the impacts of light pollution.
To address this real and growing problem, we decided to make a connected device capable of measuring light pollution in real time. The data thus collected will be processed and will then be used to classify urban zones according to their level of light pollution. This classification, accessible via our website, will then allow us to position light pollution as a guarantee of quality, and thus contribute to its reduction.

SuperLova | ECE Paris

One of the main problems in cities is the long commute time for public service vehicles. This can sometimes be very problematic for vehicles on an emergency mission.
Our solution facilitates the movement of emergency vehicles via the coordinated manipulation of traffic lights. The resulting harmonized “light show” triggers a warning system for drivers and thus helps guide first reponders more effectively during emergency missions.
In addition, Super Lova can provide assistance with energy consumption issues through intelligent management of street lighting.

How to apply

You have your own project-idea.

In Track 1, student-teams propose and develop their own project-ideas.

The call for project-ideas for Track 1 is from 18 October to 29 November 2021.

You don’t have your own project-idea.

In Track 2, student-teams develop the project-ideas proposed by staff and clients of Berger-Levrault.

The call for applications for Track 2 is from 18 October to 29 November 2021.