New look, new concept, discover the new version of the City’ZEN Challenge!

News - 30 March 2021

The City’ZEN Challenge evolves and changes. We are pleased to present the new City’ZEN Challenge website which will allow you to discover or rediscover our competition, its DNA, its goals, its international dimension, its assets and many other aspects.

Edition 6 of City’ZEN Challenge

The City’ZEN Challenge takes on a new dimension, a green dimension.

We have decided that for the next 5 years, ecology will be the theme of this competition. We want to follow the movement to protect our planet, change our behavior and habits to try to preserve our environment as much as possible. Ecology has become fundamental today because by protecting the environment and nature, it allows us to limit the damage of the ecological crisis and therefore by extension to better protect our societies.

In addition to orienting all the projects that will be in competition on this topic, we have chosen to transcribe it through our new graphic charter and our choices of illustration.

The new graphic charter

We have opted for the Century Gothic font, which is one of the least ink consuming fonts (-30% compared to a classic font).

We have of course modified the colors of our site to favor different shades of green, which is the color of ecology, nature but also of hope. The hope of a better world.

Behind the illustration

The animation consists of three key elements: the planet, the nature (represented by the polar bear), and the human. On the right side of the animation, a health bar presents to indicate the planet’s health.

Echoing with our theme of green tech competition, the animation presents a message of collaboration between the human and the nature.

The hearts of the health bar light up whenever the polar bear and human perform a friendly act to the planet: when they move towards the planet in between, and when the polar bear and the human touch the planet. It’s only when both of them take an action and collaborate together, the health bar becomes full. It signifies that both sides have to work hand in hand, to create a better world.

This is a green tech competition and we want to integrate contemporary elements into our visual presentation. Noticing that video game is a strong presence in the digital era and popular among the students, we create the animation with visual elements commonly found in video games, such as the health bar.