Join the City’ZEN Challenge and take part in the fight against the climate change!

News - 01 May 2021
Fight against the climate change

A generation that puts environmental protection at the top of its list of concerns, and which is embodied by its ability to move the lines where it considers that previous generations have failed. They are called the “sustainable natives” or climate generation.

The actions of these young people are already having an impact on society and on consumption patterns. The sustainable natives have already succeeded in organizing simultaneous actions bringing together young people from all over the world, with the same ideas. To structure their movements and centralize important information, the sustainable natives have a very powerful tool: social networks. Born in the digital age, they master the codes perfectly.

The climate generation is also committed through its purchasing actions by favoring local, recycled, ethical and short-distance products… Companies are judged by young consumers according to their commitment, particularly to the environment. The major sports equipment manufacturers have understood this, as have clothing brands and supermarkets, under pressure from these young consumers who can, without hesitation, blacklist a brand if it does not respect its commitments or if it is accused of “greenwashing”. The climate generation also has an influence on the job market. If they want to recruit, companies must adapt to its new requirements. 48% of Gen Y and 58% of Gen Z individuals think they will leave their current employer within two years. Those who plan to stay for five years or more are working for a company that they believe has a positive impact on society and its employees. Sustainable natives are looking for a company with meaning and values, whose approach to the planet and/or society is tangible or at least neutral. In the latest “European Values Study”, it is highlighted that 59% of young French people think that the environment should be given priority, even if it slows down economic growth… A percentage similar to that of the general population! The climate generation is acting as a real trigger and, in its wake, we all start to hope for a better future.

So if you feel concerned too by these environmental issues and you have the heart to change things, if you have ideas to improve the world of tomorrow, do not hesitate to join the City’ZEN Challenge and embark on a new adventure!

How to apply

You have your own project-idea.

In Track 1, student-teams propose and develop their own project-ideas.

The call for project-ideas for Track 1 is from 18 October to 29 November 2021.

You don’t have your own project-idea.

In Track 2, student-teams develop the project-ideas proposed by staff and clients of Berger-Levrault.

The call for applications for Track 2 is from 18 October to 29 November 2021.