What Team “Take A Seat” says about their experience


On behalf of the team, Gianni shares their experience and journey on the City’ZEN Challenge competition.

Testimonial of the team "Take A Seat" in City'ZEN Challenge Edition 5
Testimonial of the team “Take A Seat”, the 1st prize of Competition Track 2 (employee-initiated projects) of Edition 5


We work with professionals who really put themselves in clients’ shoes and who give us very interesting feedback, especially on the business and communication aspects. It also allowed us to build up our contacts.

The team

Jeannie SATGE

Take A Seat – Winner of Edition 5

The project Take A Seat

The COVID pandemic has generated one of the most important transformations in history in terms of the way we work (working from home, hybrid working…). The AirBnB of office space, Take a Seat is a digital platform that will, on one hand, allow public institutions to offer their unused or under-used workspaces for the public interest and, on the other hand, enable those in need to search, identify and book workspaces easily.public users (or patients) while the second is in the form a software package intended for ARMs and medical regulators for emergency call centers.