What Team “Benevid” says about their experience


On behalf of the team, Marion Coudrais shares their experience and journey in the City’ZEN Challenge competition.

Testimonial of the team "Benevid" in City'ZEN Challenge Edition 5
Testimonial of the team “Benevid”, the 1st prize of Competition Track 1 of Edition 5


Thanks to this competition, I learned a lot of new skills. I learned how to manage a project from A to Z, how to design a complete application, and I also learned some new commercial skills because we had to do a monetization model, for example, and a competition study.

To perform the project, we had a dedicated coach from Berger-Levrault and she was a great help. We met her on a regular basis and her insights helped us to improve our project a lot.

The competition ended last June and we were very happy to receive the first prize for it, and to know that our project will be integrated into one of the Berger-Levrault’s current products.

Thanks to this competition, I also came to know a lot about Berger-Levrault and its activities, and I eventually applied for a position there. And now I’m working in Labège as a junior developer in an apprenticeship. And my tasks include developing new features for an application and maintaining it.

So, I truly encourage you to participate in this project because I think it’s a great experience for a junior developer and it’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity. We don’t often have this kind of opportunities during school time. And I think it can truly make a great difference on a resume.

The team


Benevid – Winner of Edition 5

The project Benevid

The idea is to create a mobile application to help people suffering from isolation (for example, due to COVID) by facilitating their daily life. It will connect them with volunteers in their neighbourhood who will provide them various services such as: purchase/delivery of groceries, food and other essential supplies, handiwork services and/or household chores, administrative tasks, etc.