Apply Form – Competition Track 2

The application checklist:

Step 1: Review the 10-15 finalist project-ideas
Step 2: Select a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 project-ideas
Step 3: Compose a letter of motivation (one page maximum) that describes your comprehension of the selected project-ideas as well as the contributions you propose to make to those project-ideas in terms of its development during the competition. During the official selection jury in January, this document will constitute the most important element in the evaluation of each candidature.
Step 4: Complete the application form on this page by providing all the required information
Step 5: Agree to all competition conditions
Step 6: Upload your motivation letter and other required documents, and submit the application dossier

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    • You must select a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 project-ideas to submit your candidature. You need to submit only one motivation letter for all the projects you choose.

      The finalist project-ideas of BL staff and clients will be posted in due course.
    • Project 1 - BL Client Ideas
    • Project 2 - BL Client Ideas
    • Project 3 - BL Client Ideas
    • Project 4 - BL Client Ideas
    • Project 5 - BL Client Ideas
    • Project 6 - BL Staff Ideas
    • Project 7 - BL Staff Ideas
    • Project 8 - BL Staff Ideas
    • Project 9 - BL Staff Ideas
    • Project 10 - BL Staff Ideas

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